Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover by sonjart

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Wall Clock
Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover by sonjart
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Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock

Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock
Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock
Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock
Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock
Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock

Digital Art: Abstract - Rediscover Wall Clock

Frame Color
Natural ($30.99)
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Natural ($30.99)
White ($30.99)
Black ($30.99)
Hand Color
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Good times! Rethink the traditional timepiece as functional wall decor. You’ll love how our Artists are converting some of their coolest designs specifically into Wall Clocks. Constructed with premium, shatter-resistant materials, with three frame color options.

  • Natural wood, black or white frame options
  • Dimensions: 10” diameter, 1.75” depth
  • Choose black or white hands to match frame or design
  • High-impact plexiglass crystal face
  • Backside hook for easy hanging
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abstract, colors, oriental, textile, rediscover, Photoshop, creativity, digital art

Project: Emotions in Abstract – Incipit

The idea comes from a snapshot kept in my personal catalogue, and it crowns in a new and always unpredictable Digital Abstract Art, in which emotions overcome the reason and drive virtual paint brushes. In this way colours blend in, merge, melt and they finally break away and recollect in new shapes.

“There is a start, inevitably there will be an end, but my way is a continuous evolution surprise, such as in the life”.

Initial pathos avails oneself of aesthetics for the chromatic shades choice, the harmonious color-matching creation and charming vibrant colours combination, to guide, feelings, which are hidden by countless pixels, to tackle next steps finally.

Fleeting early entities are increased and changed, always bringing to light a new arrival point. It isn’t understood as a real end, but as a step in which form and sense are balanced.

“The end of every digital art work could be unreal, because every conclusion means, actually, a new start for a constantly evolving idea. The mistake becomes perfect opportunity of transformation and development for another creative perspective”.

During the whole processing, artistic techniques court, complement and merge each other into the conclusive digital art concept. Photography meets digital painting, which in turn falls in love with the concept of “pattern”, repeated themes inherent in the graphic design, while music begins the metamorphosis. Rhythms and melodies inspire and animate movements able to change the reality, transforming textures, lights and colors in a rich in hidden essence abstract art.

Every digital design has a story, title and emotion, but it’s beautiful to know every one of us will have the awarness seeing in each “Abstract” what he wants, getting lost in colors and forms, and he will feel what needs to feel at the time.

As swallowed in a parallel dimension, time fades away, incessant thinking makes away for the act, while instinct and passion work together to create an original mix, able to bring out a deeper “ego” and give vent to a total expressive freedom.

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