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Stationery Cards

Victoria Herrera (victoriaherrera)

Abstract Vintage Flowers

by Victoria Herrera

Set of folded stationery cards printed on bright white, smooth card stock to bring your personal artistic style to everyday correspondence. Each card is blank on the inside and includes a soft white, European fold envelope for mailing.

Kim Bajorek commented on March 6, 2014 11:20am
This is lovely, Victoria!
Federico Faggion commented on March 8, 2014 7:10am
very nice!!
thea walstra commented on March 8, 2014 9:18am
A very lovely design!
SexyEyes69 commented on March 8, 2014 11:54pm
beautiful work! :) xo
Catspaws commented on March 9, 2014 10:43am
Tordis Kayma commented on March 10, 2014 1:06pm
1902 ;)
Victoria Herrera commented on March 11, 2014 1:10am
Thank you all for the comments
Patrick Jobst commented on March 13, 2014 12:38am
Tender, gentle, simply beautiful :)
Tangerine-Tane commented on March 16, 2014 3:36am
Very beautiful image - love the vintage feel and lovely textures.
Priscilla Clare commented on March 16, 2014 9:55pm
Great work :)
Kim Bajorek commented on March 16, 2014 10:58pm
Very pretty, Victoria!
Victoria Herrera commented on March 16, 2014 11:55pm
Thank you Tangerine-Tane, Priscila, Patrick, and Kim for nice comments:)
RichCaspian commented on March 21, 2014 1:36am
really pretty and dreamy
Victoria Herrera commented on March 23, 2014 3:14am
Thank you Rich
Tees2go commented on March 23, 2014 9:32am
dreamy, nostalgia, very nice!
LightCircle commented on March 28, 2014 4:22pm
Eirin Wie Haveland commented on March 31, 2014 4:08pm
Really lovely!
Teresa Chipperfield Studios commented on April 3, 2014 10:16pm
Victoria Herrera commented on April 4, 2014 1:40am
Thank you Tee2go, LightCircle, Erin and Teresa, for so nice comments!!!
Vitta commented on April 4, 2014 8:40am
Excellent piece, Victoria!!!
Geni commented on April 8, 2014 9:00am
so beautiful!
Pepita Selles commented on April 13, 2014 10:15am
So Very Wonderful.
CrismanArt commented on April 16, 2014 12:20am
Fantastic vintage image, Victoria!
Danielle Waterworth commented on April 22, 2014 12:15pm
very beautiful! :)
SannArt commented on May 4, 2014 3:03am
Music of the Heart commented on May 10, 2014 12:21am
Excellent beautiful work!! Gorgeous!
Laake-Photos commented on May 10, 2014 12:29am
So nice!
DFLC Prints commented on May 23, 2014 9:48am
Nice vintage!.
Ben Li commented on May 30, 2014 8:02am
Beautiful piece
EYE ECHO commented on June 3, 2014 1:31am
Steffen Remter commented on June 9, 2014 5:06am
Chris' Landscape Images & Desi… commented on June 13, 2014 12:51am
Beautiful vintage still life image, Victoria!
Victoria Herrera commented on June 21, 2014 2:43am
Thank you all very much for so great comments!
Linda Lees commented on June 28, 2014 8:20am
Very pretty!
Phil Perkins commented on July 4, 2014 5:39am
Wonderful vintage flowers!
k_design commented on July 6, 2014 12:52am
Fabulus , Victoria !
ilyianne commented on July 10, 2014 4:12am
very beautiful, absolutely in love with this soft colors and composition!
Rafapasta commented on July 18, 2014 5:44pm
Awesome artwork, Victoria. I like colors and textures!
Helen Coldwell commented on July 22, 2014 6:01am
This is lovely. Nice work!
Anja-Catharina commented on July 25, 2014 4:07am
wow, your prints are so serene and beautiful!
Anastasia Gentil commented on July 25, 2014 5:56am
nice =)
Sukanto Debnath commented on August 5, 2014 5:15am
nice texture!!
BingoBongo commented on August 28, 2014 6:30am
Love the retro feel!
1 monde à part commented on August 31, 2014 4:02am
nice !!!
josemanuelerre commented on August 31, 2014 9:18am
so cool!
Sparrow House Photography commented on September 2, 2014 6:13am
Gorgeous...and I love the edit!
k_c_s commented on September 8, 2014 8:16pm
Design Windmill commented on September 12, 2014 3:12am
milyKnight commented on September 14, 2014 10:33pm
ARTbyJWP commented on September 25, 2014 1:31pm
Wonderful work!!!
Louisa Catharine Forsyth Photo… commented on September 30, 2014 9:39am
So lovely!
Hand Fan commented on October 6, 2014 8:31am
Amazing style
Studio14 commented on October 22, 2014 8:23am
Love the vintage look!!! Nice art! :D
Soyez Al commented on October 31, 2014 2:17pm
Beautiful picture !
Tex Watt commented on November 2, 2014 12:26am
Great work!
CrismanArt commented on November 7, 2014 9:25am
Love this soft and gentle duvet cover, Victoria! Sleeping with flowers!***
Frame In commented on November 20, 2014 1:39am
nadia sofia commented on December 4, 2014 11:39am
pure beauty.
AmDuf commented on December 15, 2014 12:03am
mystic !
Ann Marie Coolick commented on January 12, 2015 10:11am
beautiful ghostly works. love it!
Guna Andersone & Mario Raats -… commented on January 21, 2015 4:15am
amazing work
Taranta Babu commented on January 25, 2015 11:18am
Aleix Laguna Illustrations commented on February 6, 2015 2:07am
Very nice VIctoria!
Project M commented on February 11, 2015 10:42pm
littlesilversparks commented on February 18, 2015 12:08pm
Edik Choi commented on February 25, 2015 3:08pm
CharismArt commented on March 10, 2015 12:48pm
I love this!
Jane Lacey Smith commented on March 19, 2015 9:36am
Tojophoto commented on March 19, 2015 10:51am
Lovely work!
Assiyam commented on April 1, 2015 1:48am
aPersonalidea commented on April 4, 2015 11:47pm
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Laura Ferro commented on April 9, 2015 8:08pm
Pancho the Macho commented on April 16, 2015 2:53am
Great work!! i'm promoting it
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Roxana Jordan R commented on April 24, 2015 8:39pm
Кaterina Кalinich commented on May 4, 2015 11:25pm
love it!
Victoria Herrera commented on May 26, 2015 1:24am
Thank you all for so beautiful comments! :)
Graphic Tabby commented on May 28, 2015 10:49am
Roger Wedegis commented on May 28, 2015 10:49am
Victoria Herrera commented on May 29, 2015 2:25am
Thank you so much Graphic Tabby and Roger!
instantgaram commented on June 12, 2015 2:09am
Great work!
Sarah Maurer commented on July 20, 2015 6:42am
Victoria Herrera commented on July 20, 2015 7:05am
Thank you so much instantgaran and Sarah! :)
Anna Grunduls commented on July 30, 2015 1:38pm
very nice design :)
Victoria Herrera commented on August 3, 2015 3:23am
Thank you so much Anna! :)
cmphotography commented on September 24, 2015 4:22am
Very pretty work!
Stanislav Podusenko commented on October 19, 2015 2:38am
Awesome photo!
Victoria Herrera commented on October 23, 2015 1:21am
Thank you so much cmphotographt and Stanislav Podusenko!
aRTsKRATCHES commented on November 5, 2015 3:41am
Very nice - promoted. Love your work!!
BlueLela commented on November 5, 2015 5:59am
ColorWorkStudio commented on November 9, 2015 2:16pm
very lovely!! Keri
josemanuelerre commented on November 27, 2015 5:44am
great work!
mirimo commented on December 3, 2015 8:25am
Beautiful!! - promoted
Nireth commented on December 11, 2015 2:22pm
Love it!
Dino Hatta commented on December 27, 2015 9:37am
HeidiVaught commented on January 10, 2016 5:50pm
love it!
TamSanSerif commented on January 17, 2016 1:35pm
Lora Si commented on February 4, 2016 1:37am
HenryWine commented on February 4, 2016 10:37am
Just beautiful!
WiWo commented on February 5, 2016 3:54am
looks perfect
7115 commented on February 5, 2016 9:38am
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