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Tote Bag

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Our quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight, poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. Available in 13" x 13", 16" x 16" and 18" x 18" variations, the tote bags are washable, feature original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1" wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.


As the arctic and polar ice caps rapidly melt, creatures that inhabit these places will have to find new homes and bear with the rapidly changing weather . These are the tears and cries we'll never see and hear, but soon enough we will be experiencing the effects.

Thank you Russ Mills for the inspiration ^_^ - http://www.byroglyphics.com/files/bear001site.jpg

ENJOY! ^_^

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Luna Portnoi commented on May 30, 2012 3:55pm
amazing! love it...
DevineDayDreams-aka Desirée G… commented on May 30, 2012 3:56pm
Great statement and BEAUTIFULLY done!!
Brian Raggatt commented on May 30, 2012 4:10pm
Nice !!
Deesign commented on May 30, 2012 5:00pm
wow!! amazing work yet again!
Andre Villanueva commented on May 30, 2012 5:06pm
hannes cmarits (hannes61) commented on May 30, 2012 5:08pm
great art
Bruce Stanfield commented on May 30, 2012 7:52pm
Michael Hammond commented on May 30, 2012 9:42pm
This is Awesome!
Marko Köppe commented on May 31, 2012 1:46am
Great work!
Robert Farkas commented on May 31, 2012 4:50am
PaperTigress commented on May 31, 2012 4:54am
Oh my! That is powerful stuff
:: GaleStorm Artworks :: commented on May 31, 2012 6:04am
noblackcolor commented on May 31, 2012 7:19am
Yetiland commented on May 31, 2012 7:28am
is that....A Yeti??
Jake Olson commented on May 31, 2012 12:56pm
Fresh Doodle - JP Valderrama commented on May 31, 2012 1:01pm
thank you everyone! =D
Anion commented on May 31, 2012 1:35pm
gwenola de muralt commented on May 31, 2012 2:01pm
cogwurx commented on May 31, 2012 2:51pm
ALLY COXON commented on June 1, 2012 12:19pm
Fimbis commented on June 2, 2012 7:33am
Fantastic! Damn, you've got some serious talent!!!!
Catspaws commented on June 5, 2012 2:25am
very clever
Roma commented on June 5, 2012 6:53am
rosanna zavanaiu commented on June 7, 2012 5:01am
Madelyne Joan Templeton commented on June 12, 2012 5:44pm
I love this!!! Amazing!! The Colors are well chosen. I really dig your style!!
Wayne Edson Bryan commented on June 13, 2012 11:08am
This is a truly Wonderful piece of art, John! … and, I'd like to thank you for supporting my work too. I've noticed that often after some artists are added to a founder's follow list and/or become a front page regulars, they seriously slow down on promoting their fellow artists, or only promote artists that are also front page regulars. Thank you for not following this pattern! Personally, I think one of the best features of S6 is the opportunity we are given to encourage our talented comrades. Just wanted to let you know how much I really admire both your art and your compassionate magnanimous generosity! Instead of thanking you personally in my work's comment box, thought I'd do it in yours. ;-)
Fresh Doodle - JP Valderrama commented on June 13, 2012 11:27am
Thanks Wayne! Ofcourse, we need to help each other get noticed!
Patricia Howitt commented on June 19, 2012 7:37am
Just love this. The combination of woman and bear is masterly!
Patricia Howitt commented on June 19, 2012 7:39am
PS - your message is wonderful too - we need to be more aware of what we're doing to nature.
Tummeow commented on July 2, 2012 6:27am
wiolinowestudio commented on July 4, 2012 8:08am
great work!
Paula Belle Flores commented on July 4, 2012 10:21am
Great message!
Paula Belle Flores commented on July 4, 2012 11:55am
Great design! Love the message! Promoted this product on my FB Page http://www.facebook.com/iPhoneAvenue. Feel free to take a look!
Art-Motiva commented on July 31, 2012 9:39am
Carina Povarchik commented on August 13, 2012 5:01am
HEALTH commented on September 12, 2012 6:33pm
my FAVE of yours. excellent delish...
Stephen Yan commented on September 26, 2012 9:22pm
Love the energy and colors coming from this one. Awesome!
Lisa Argyropoulos commented on October 19, 2012 10:24pm
Back to see again!
tscreative commented on November 4, 2012 6:27pm
Clive Eariss commented on November 8, 2012 12:10pm
Some wonderful work here, love this.
Igor Shrayer commented on November 16, 2012 1:32pm
Wonderful work!
Dama negra commented on December 14, 2012 1:42pm
I love it!
Nikki Singletary commented on December 15, 2012 11:59am
Awesome work with an intriguing message
micklyn commented on December 21, 2012 6:59am
wow, amazing!
Triptih commented on January 5, 2013 8:37am
love it!
Ana Magalhães commented on January 20, 2013 9:20am
MARIA BOZINA - PRINT commented on January 28, 2013 10:53pm
Great work!!!
MisfitIsle commented on February 17, 2013 6:18pm
I live in the Arctic and we are already experiencing a great deal of the effects
MisfitIsle commented on February 17, 2013 6:18pm
but this is stunning, it's so intricate
MariskaART commented on March 12, 2013 4:40pm
Peter Gross commented on April 2, 2013 12:40pm
Beautiful piece of art!
Karl Wilson Photography commented on April 6, 2013 7:37am
Powellingaround commented on April 19, 2013 11:06pm
Justin Gedak commented on April 25, 2013 7:31am
Very amazing
William commented on July 2, 2013 9:57am
This is so great!
milanova commented on July 21, 2013 11:51pm
awesome work!
Kim Sy Ok commented on August 20, 2013 10:32am
Outstanding-love it :)!!
Carly And. commented on November 3, 2013 10:44pm
supa insane!!
Robert S. Lee Art commented on December 5, 2013 1:36pm
This image is outstanding because it causes the viewer to stop and think for a second in order to figure things out. That little shift--the turn of both heads does the trick. Too cool~
João Pedro de Almeida commented on January 7, 2014 8:11am
Nice details and texture! Also the composition is really interesting! Good work :)
Tyler Spangler commented on February 17, 2014 2:50am
Tyler Spangler commented on February 18, 2014 6:37pm
Love this!!
aPersonalidea commented on February 28, 2015 9:10pm
This is fantastic! I Love the message! I am also interested in this kind of design! check mine out if you like it too! http://society6.com/product/pm-02-you...rsonalidea
Alessandro Aru commented on March 19, 2015 2:29am
Wonderful work! promoted
Designed To Offend commented on April 22, 2015 8:10am
nicely done
Pop Alien commented on May 26, 2016 6:10am
Very great design! ;-)
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