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Tote Bag

Wesley Bird (wesleybird)


by Wesley Bird

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Our quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight, poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. Available in 13" x 13", 16" x 16" and 18" x 18" variations, the tote bags are washable, feature original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1" wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.


Words to live by. girl boss, quote, motivation, girl power, type, act like a boss

Abby Bunnell commented on October 18, 2011 1:49pm
Ha! So true.
Nora Manapova commented on October 21, 2011 10:25am
elisa talens commented on November 16, 2011 3:07pm
i love it!
Jennifer Sparkman commented on December 5, 2011 3:36pm
Is there anyway you could make this big enough for a laptop or ipad size?
Jenny Seto Photography commented on December 7, 2011 8:25am
like a bOSS ;)
Beth - Paper Angels Photograph… commented on December 7, 2011 4:34pm
This is definitely words to live by!
Wesley Bird commented on January 13, 2012 6:48pm
I'll definitely size it for laptops and iPhones! Thank you all for the compliments!
Sweet Moments Captured commented on May 15, 2012 8:11pm
Love this! :)
Menina Lisboa commented on July 30, 2012 11:28am
oh yes!!!
Kurt Rahn commented on August 19, 2012 12:08pm
The Modern Era commented on September 14, 2012 11:58pm
Great text idé
Caris Cruz commented on October 23, 2012 11:34pm
So cool! Posted it here, if you don't mind: :)
TNeidhardt commented on November 17, 2012 1:31pm
Why can't I get your prints as Laptop skins? :(
Maria Trialoni commented on December 10, 2012 9:43am
Oh, I guess that's me lol! Love it!
Wesley Bird commented on December 17, 2012 9:49am
For anybody who may be interested, I just added laptop skins, iphone cases, tees and more for this artwork! And thanks for all of your amazing comments! xo
Pigologist commented on March 17, 2013 8:13pm
nice quote
Arty Bug commented on March 29, 2013 7:21am
love this quote!
LIL-LU commented on June 12, 2013 2:30am
aren't we great, ladies? : )
PaperTigress commented on June 14, 2013 11:51am
Omipomi commented on June 15, 2013 7:35am
like a boss!
Jessica McCourt commented on August 6, 2013 4:51pm
hahaha this is awesome!
pattern paint commented on October 22, 2013 9:07am
so true!
Bryanaf52 commented on October 27, 2013 10:37am
not to get all political, but what exactly does it mean to 'look like a girl'? Or 'think like a man'? Sad how misogyny is so deeply engrained in us...especially women. Not a comment to the artist, who's work I love. Just a thought...
Sofia Jespersen commented on October 28, 2013 11:43am
I find this a bit disturbing (to get all political).
But I like your other prints!
Lidija Paradinović Nagulov - … commented on November 2, 2013 7:12am
a cool bit of advice, particularly if addressed to boys :)
Brianna Ortega commented on January 15, 2014 11:10pm
Not my favorite quote...quite the sexist statement in every direction, but I do still enjoy your other work.
Lee Mason commented on February 14, 2014 9:46am
Wow. What a completely ironically misogynistic quote. "Look like a girl", "Think like a Man"!!?? what are you, a sexist man pretending to empower women?
Wesley Bird commented on February 14, 2014 1:56pm
haha i'm actually a woman. thanks lee.
Lee Mason commented on March 4, 2014 3:45am
Yeah. I got that Wesley. You missed my point. I do enjoy the rest of your portfolio and didn't mean offence, but this quote is so odd. Like it's trying to be empowering and achieving the absolute opposite.
DeneTheron commented on March 17, 2014 1:00pm
Love it
Grace Elizabeth McConnell commented on April 2, 2014 7:43am
Yeaaah. Love your art, hate this quote. The fact that people are spreading these ideas bum me out.
aemelle commented on August 27, 2014 6:25pm
nice art, terrible quote.
flosmos commented on October 24, 2014 1:15am
What a bizarrely sexist quote to make into art. So many negative implications.
intelligent edge yoga commented on January 4, 2015 5:03am
This print makes me sad that the artist, the people they show their work to, and the entire staff at society6 have not found it questionable to suggest that women need to "think like a man". This is a terrible thing to suggest, particularly to young women who may be shopping your site.

Our world is characterized by men's thoughts, and I feel that it needs much more input from women, as bosses, to be a better place.
Ana Belén commented on January 16, 2015 5:58am
"think like a man"? Really? this is the 21st century, people.
jessbo_ commented on January 23, 2015 12:01am
It's really disappointing to see a design like this presented alongside the work of talented artists.
Jane Lacey Smith commented on January 24, 2015 4:00pm
love this
aPersonalidea commented on February 27, 2015 4:09pm
Love this simple message art piece! I also found a good message with a simple drawing is the best art ever! if you like this, you mine like too! (I guess!) See if you we sync anyways!
Spirale Musikale commented on May 25, 2015 8:35am
Look like a Model, Act like a Virgin, Think like a Politician, Work like a single Parent. That'd be more honest and it would be a kick in the face of unrealistic standards imposed on all of us by patriarchy. I suggest artists create tons and tons of variations of this message so it won't be so oppressive. Just a thought.
CMosher commented on June 14, 2015 5:21pm
This is pretty misogynistic.
Fla'Fla' commented on August 15, 2015 9:11am
Bic campaign?
Sharon Mau commented on September 5, 2015 1:25pm
✽ . . ★ . . :: love this :: . . ★ . . ✽
AnnaF31 commented on September 16, 2015 1:42pm
Yessss ;)
Duygi commented on October 8, 2015 6:20am
please remove the tag "girl power", there isnt a single thing not sexist about this "design".
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