Buddy Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt


by Kingskid07

Tri-Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts are made with 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton and 25% Rayon. Enjoy everything you love about the fit, feel and durability of a vintage T-shirt.


Photo of acrylic painting by kingskid07.

A two-month old puppy was rescued by my daughter and son-in-law for their small family. He was sick, uncared for, and had no shots or medical care. They purchased him, cleaned him up, fed him, provided veterinary care for shots and vitamins and named him “Buddy”.

Buddy quickly got well, and grew up to be a healthy, happy, well-loved member of the family, and the favorite of all dogs they have ever owned.

Colors: Amber, red, black, white and grey.

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