Butterfly Leggings



by Frank Moth

Our proprietary six-panel cut and sew construction provides an unprecedented quality in fit and versatility with an adjustable waist line for wearing high, low or somewhere in between. Using the highest quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material, these premium leggings wick moisture and remain breathable, making them perfect for running or runways.


Captions within the artwork read:

"IN LIVING STEREO COLOR: the gift that's wonderfully different. View-Master opens a new world of exciting educational adventure. Through the magic dimension of living stereo color, your youngsters visit far-away lands, see wild animals, thrill to true-life adventures, laugh with cartoon favorites, re-live the stories of childhood, see fairy tale characters that seem almost real. This Christmas give your children the world in living stereo color. Give them VIEW-MASTER! At photo, gift, drug, department stores everywhere."

Limited edition prints, signed and numbered, can be found in our own Tictail store. Check the links in our "About" section. We hope you enjoy our work.

butterfly, collage, vintage collage, retro, b, red, landscape, retro pop, minimal, typography, color, stereo, buildings, pop surrealism

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