Castaneda and the kids - blue Clear iPhone Case

Clear iPhone Case

Castaneda and the kids - blue

by ARTito

Shop clear iPhone cases featuring brilliant patterns and designs on frosted, transparent shells - created by the world's best independent artists.


In The Second Ring of Power, an apprentice of Don Juan Matus and associate of Carlos Castenada describes how during a menstrual period a woman's dreaming becomes power. A crack opens up before a woman two days before her period begins. During the time of her period, a woman can step through this crack into other worlds. For this reason, Don Juan believed women are better and more natural sorcerers than men.

women, woman, blue, portrait, surrealism, kids, children, face, cold, winter, soul, frozen, ice

painting acrylic oil digital
pop-art surrealism expressionism mixed-media
illustration people pop-surrealism spirit
spirituality mexico beyond ixtlan
women magic woman shamanism