Catch on My Tongue, But since I was Driving, Just Hypnotized Instead Carry-All Pouch

Carry-All Pouch

Catch on My Tongue, But since I was Driving, Just Hypnotized Instead

by Brenda Erickson

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Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches. Available in three sizes with wraparound artwork, these pouches are perfect for toiletries, art supplies or makeup. Even an iPad fits into the large size. Features include a faux leather pulltab for easy open and close, a durable canvas-like exterior and a 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining. Machine washable.


New Years Eve, 1982.
You called. I knew you would. I was just walking in from a dull party, the tart taste of cheap Riesling on my tongue. You said what I wanted to hear. You needed me. I smiled, you were a sweet talker then, confident but sincere. I needed you too.
I agreed to drive to your college despite the falling snow. At first it was one flake, then two, but soon it was more. The snow fell against the windshield unscathed (note: I really should have gotten the wipers fixed but that was money I didn't have) and soon I was in a snow dream...lucid and vivid and when the road disappeared, I didn't mind...

©Brenda Erickson. All rights reserved.
Created in 2014.
snow, snowflake, blizzard, star, night, cold, flurries, holiday, beauty, white, blue, calm, hypnotize, fall, blow

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