Copy Ninja's Kamui Metal Print

Metal Print

Copy Ninja's Kamui

by Dan Matutina

Our metal prints are thin, lightweight and durable 1/16" aluminum sheet canvas. The high gloss finish enhances color and produces sharp image details. Each sheet has a 3/4" wooden frame attached to the back to offset from the wall. Prints have a wire or sawtooth hanger, depending on size selected.


Hatake Kakashi. Naruto's first Sensei. The student of Minato Namikaze. Popularly known in the ninja world as the "Copy Ninja"

"Kakashi's original dōjutsu, released from the Mangekyō Sharingan, that allows one to transfer anything to another dimension. If one spends a lot of time and trains one's chakra over and over again, this technique can be invoked. The target is enveloped with a barrier space and the user concentrates their mind to what they gaze at." - Narutopedia