Cranes Under Cherry Tree Clear iPhone Case

Clear iPhone Case

Cranes Under Cherry Tree

by Spadecaller

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Covering five continents, fifteen species of cranes range freely and migrate across deserts, mountains, frozen tundra, and the borders of hundreds of nations. The International Crane Foundation (ICF) says cranes "are ambassadors for peace among diverse peoples, who unite in efforts to save the elegant birds, and for the preservation of their fragile wetland and grassland homes and migratory staging grounds."
Because of habitat loss, many species that once thrived in much broader ranges are now restricted to protected land in parks, sanctuaries, even demilitarized zones between hostile nations.

This is a digital painting copyrighted by Matthew Schwartz on 5.8.2016. All Spadecaller artwork posted on Society6, Facebook, and elsewhere is copyright protected. Permission to copy, appropriate, reclaim, alter, or otherwise distribute, display, or sell is prohibited.

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