Dr. Hughes And The Skeleton In His Classroom Metal Print

Metal Print

Dr. Hughes And The Skeleton In His Classroom

by Jeffrey J. Irwin

Our metal prints are thin, lightweight and durable 1/16" aluminum sheet canvas. The high gloss finish enhances color and produces sharp image details. Each sheet has a 3/4" wooden frame attached to the back to offset from the wall. Prints have a wire or sawtooth hanger, depending on size selected.


When I threw this together I was aiming for texture and black and white. I made the mad scientists suit out to be made of bolts and the background is a photo I shot of wiring against a concrete wall. I mirrored that to be more effective so one side is real and the other is fake.

Our good/evil? doctor was made out to be black and white cartoony and the skeleton gained more depth and definition. The background pattern by the skeleton is a photo of some cheap kitchen splash tiling.

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graphic-design digital black-&-white black-white
people skeleton back-splash-tile mad-scientist
classroom wires black gray
grey bolts jeffreyjirwin skull
wiring doctor vintage white