Early Morning Light Art Print

Art Print

Early Morning Light

by ThePhotoGuyDarren

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A beautiful tree across a pond on an early morning. I love how the fog is lifting off of the water which adds a great effect to the photo. I have also used a texture on the image so it would have a painterly look.
Fog forms when the difference between temperature and dew point is generally less than 2.5 °C or 4 °F.[6]
Fog surrounding the skyscrapers in the Melbourne city centre.
London fog with the Palace of Westminster in the background.
Forming process of light fog above a ditch, where there is a relative humidity near 100%.
Dense fog over Indian subcontinent, captured by NASA's Aqua satellite in December 2012.
Sea fog or 'fret' encroaching on Brighton pier.
Sea fog in the Arctic Ocean near the island of Jan Mayen.

Fog begins to form when water vapor condenses into tiny liquid water droplets in the air. The main ways water vapor is added to the air: wind convergence into areas of upward motion,[7] precipitation or virga falling from above,[8] daytime heating evaporating water from the surface of oceans, water bodies or wet land,[9] transpiration from plants,[10] cool or dry air moving over warmer water,[11] and lifting air over mountains.[12] Water vapor normally begins to condense on condensation nuclei such as dust, ice, and salt in order to form clouds.[13][14] Fog, like its slightly elevated cousin stratus, is a stable cloud deck which tends to form when a cool, stable air mass is trapped underneath a warm air mass.[15]

Fog normally occurs at a relative humidity near 100%.[16] This can be achieved by either adding moisture to the air or dropping the ambient air temperature.[16] Fog can form at lower humidities, and fog can sometimes not form with relative humidity at 100%. A reading of 100% relative humidity means that the air can hold no additional moisture; the air will become supersaturated if additional moisture is added.
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