Epic Mythical Creatures chart by jezkemp

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Epic Mythical Creatures chart by jezkemp
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Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print

Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print
Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print
Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print
Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print
Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print
Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print

Epic Mythical Creatures chart Canvas Print

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About this artwork

Most epic mythical creatures chart ever. I’ve put up the image below for a clearer view. There should be something here for everyone, along with new creatures and legends for everyone too.

Here’s my reasoning and background!

ORIGIN I had an idea for a Venn/Euler diagram of mythical creatures, and someone showed me Unwin and Carline’s chart from 2009. This is a very classy diagram but there are some inaccuracies (e.g. Mermaid is human + fish, not narwhal) and I knew I could make a far more comprehensive chart.


My research conducted via Wikipedia and Google Images, along with my own knowledge and memories of playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle as a kid. I make no apology for this. COMPROMISE

This was a difficult chart to create! I know that many people will either have a problem with the way I’ve laid it out, or a suggestion/complaint about something that hasn’t been included, but this was the best I could do, and I’m happy with it. ACTUAL MYTHICAL CREATURES

All creatures and characters listed here have a heritage in historical mythology One of my problems with Unwin and Carline’s chart from 2009 is the “Mermahuataur”, which they basically made up. That is not happening here. Recent inventions like the Pegacorn are not included (much as I love the Pegacorn) Cryptids like the Loveland Frog and Yeti are not welcome here. NO DUPLICATES

Centaur, Ipotane, Tikbalang and Buraq are all different combinations of horse + human. Pegasus, Hippogriff and Hippalectryon are all different versions of horse + bird. Russian folklore features both the Sirin and the Gamayun, but they are identical in form, so only the Sirin was included. DRAGON = LIZARD + BAT

As a fan of dinosaurs, it would have been easy for me to include Dragon as lizard + bird. But dragon wings are strictly lizard-like, scaly and/or leathery wings, not feathered (unlike the Cockatrice). So they had to go down as lizard + bat. THAT DAMN NARWHAL

I felt strange including the Narwhal like Unwin and Carline, because it seems like a mythical combination of animals in its own right. But it’s a real, single creature! For Unicorn, I could have used rhino instead, but the nature and shape of the narhwal’s tusk is far closer to the unicorn’s horn. CREATURES, THEN INDIVIDUALS

Gorgon is included instead of Medusa, but there is no clear name for a horse with wings, so Pegasus is included by name. The same goes for humans or legends who are individuals and do not come from any species. MYTHOLOGY NOT RELIGION

This is a very hazy area, and one person’s religion is another person’s mythology. But I tried to stick to mythical creatures, rather than religious “gods”, and not including things like angels. Ammit, for instance, seems more of a mythical creature than the Egyptian gods like Anubis. Ultimately though this was just a decision I made myself. FLYING OR NOT FLYING

Some creatures are sometimes known as having wings, but are not listed as part-bird, e.g. Chimaera. This is because some creatures are definitely, exclusively winged (e.g. the Lamassu) while some like the Chimaera and Manticore are not always winged. LIZARD vs SNAKE vs SERPENT vs FISH

Some legends are not clear about whether something is part lizard or snake (Ladon, Hydra), or part snake or fish (Ophiotaurus). I’ve done my best. MY FAVOURITES

Uchchaihshravas – 7-headed flying horse from Hindu mythology Hippalectryon – back end of a rooster, front end of a horse. Great name! Zahhak – Persian legend with snakes rising from his shoulders Hecatonchires – the “hundred-handed” (and fifty-headed) destroyers of the Titans from Greek mythology Chimaera – lion’s body and head, goat head, lizard head and snake for a tail. Can’t beat it for totally bad-ass monster. THE COMPLETE LIST: Ammit Argos Panoptes Bai Ze Balaur Basilisk Buraq Camahueto Centaur Cerberus Chamrosh Chimaera (chimera) Cockatrice Cyclops Dragon Dryad Echidna Gandaberunda Geryon Gorgon Griffon (Griffin, Gryphon) Harpy Hecate Hecatonchires (Hekatonkheires) Hippalectryon Hippocamp (Hippocampus) Hippogriff Hydra Ichthyocentaur Ipotane Kaliya Ladon Lamassu Longma Makara Manticore Mermaid Minotaur Monopod Myrmecoleon Nuckelavee Ophiotaurus Orthrus Pabilsag Pegasus Satyr Sirin Sleipnir Sphinx Sun Crow (Three-Legged Crow) Tikbalang Typhon Uchchaihshravas Unicorn Vampire Werewolf Wyvern Zahhak

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