Exhaling My Thoughts All Over Print Shirt

All Over Print Shirt

Exhaling My Thoughts

by Frank Moth

These premium quality all over print shirts feature original art from seam to seam. The cotton-soft 100% polyester wicks moisture and maintains a rich color throughout. All over print tees are unisex fit, so women should make size selections accordingly and order a minimum of one size smaller. Please Note: Every shirt is uniquely produced using a sublimation process that can create anomalies in some areas, typically under the arm, that leaves small portions of fabric white.


Captions within the artwork read:
"Three-dimension gives to pictures what stereophonic sound gives to music - depth and vivid realism."
In the first story of this double-feature, "And the Moon Be Still As Bright", you'll join a dangerous expedition to the planet Mars. After your spacecraft screams to a rumbling halt, you'll discover the breathtaking remains of an ancient Martian civilization. But soon a dark and mysterious power takes hold and threatens the life of your entire crew.
Then, in "The Off Season" you'll team up with the bungling Sam Parkhill as he attempts to open the first hotdog stand on Mars. Beneath his buzzing neon
sign, you'll practically smell the sizzling onions and bubbling chilli. On the
horizon you'll see a colorful fleet of bright blue sand ships. And when surrounded
by a band of Martian survivors, you'll find yourself mesmerized bytheir resonant, hypnotic voices."

"My head spins. A whirlpool of thinking, but where has it led? Different takes in the movie of our lives".

Digital Vintage Collage

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