Existing Alpine Glacier Carry-All Pouch

Carry-All Pouch

Existing Alpine Glacier

by Public Demesne

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Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches. Available in three sizes with wraparound artwork, these pouches are perfect for toiletries, art supplies or makeup. Even an iPad fits into the large size. Features include a faux leather pulltab for easy open and close, a durable canvas-like exterior and a 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining. Machine washable.


From pg. 71 of Ridpath:
"In other words, we see that somewhat less than a hundred thousand years ago the crisis of our glacial period was reached, and that subsequently, at a considerable span from that crisis, the ice mountains of the northern hemisphere began to give away under the returning conditions of heat. How long a period was required for these changed conditions to become operative in the liquefaction of the lower parts of the glaciers we are left somewhat to conjecture, but nodoubt it required a considerable period for the returning approximation of the sun to begin to affect materially the glacial cap of the northern continents.
It may be assumed as a fact scientifically determined that the whole of manlife lies this side of the glacial period. Indeed, from what we know of the conditions present in the northern hemisphere during that period it would be impossible for the human race to maintain
an existence upon the earth, even if the race had existed before. We are, therefore, to conclude that the being called Man made his appearance at a subsequent date, when the globe had been made habitable by the melting away of the glaciers, the subsidence of the rivers, and the definition of the continents in the forms which they now hold."

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