Few flowers as a tribute to the Loukanikos dog from Elisavet Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Few flowers as a tribute to the Loukanikos dog from Elisavet

by Azima

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Few flowers as a tribute to the "Loukanikos" from Elisavet!
The Touching Story of Loukanikos the Greek Riot Dog!
He had named him “Theodore”, but the name Loukanikos, and its nickname Louk, prevailed. Loukanikos started to be noticed during the Greek riots of 2011, where hundreds of thousands of Greek citizens marched the streets of Athens, indignant of the austerity measures that had been agreed upon between the Greek government and the EU’s International Monetary Fund, in order to cover the country’s national debt, and alleviate the financial crisis.
The canine friend stood side by side with the protestors, in the front lines, barking and yelping at the attacking policemen. Did he know the difference between policemen and protestors? Unknown. However, in another 2011 riot where policemen were protesting, and another police division was battling them, the dog sided with the protesters, “those who were being attacked.”
Whether a dog could tell the difference by those who held authority, power, and excused application of violence, remains something to wonder about.
His system had been damaged by tear gas and policemen kicks, and he had been greatly weakened, which explains his death at 10 years of age. Loukanikos now rests under the shade of a tree, atop a hill in Athens. Rest well, old friend. You did well, and you did a lot, and you will be remembered ...graffiti was made in Athens as a tribute
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