Frankenpimp (2009) - Movie Poster Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Frankenpimp (2009) - Movie Poster

by Tex Watt

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This is the theatrical Movie Poster Art, from the campy feature cult film:
“Frankenpimp (2009)”. ( The fun, friendly makers of: “Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus! (2010)”, “Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk (2014)” & “ACID HEAD: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter” ), comes this ‘sci-fi/horror/fantastical/exploitation/ blaxploitation’ movie homage; about Romeo Montague - the alias of (the re-animated) Patient Zero, a skilled, mutated android hit-man/pimp/ancient relics collector, that lives in Verona City, N.Y.; a dystopic metropolis filled with extreme horror & sexual deviancy; featuring: a lustful, demonic, man-eating Astro-Queen, a psychotic South American underworld god, human/android sex-slave party-girls, bloodthirsty zombies, vengeful deities and alien hooker vampire junkies/go-go girls. The cities are also plagued with murderous cybernetic ‘goon’ robots, that are constantly trying to take Montague’s life, as he and his street hustling pal ‘Tricky’ tries to figure out which one of his jive-ass enemies are trying to kill him (as well as trying to stay one step ahead of ‘The Man’). In the middle of this chaos, Romeo/Zero tries to find the thief of his ancient , multi-million dollar voodoo ring.

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