Gud Vision Supply by unkommonperfektion

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Carry-All Pouch
Gud Vision Supply by unkommonperfektion
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Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch

Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch
Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch
Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch
Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch

Gud Vision Supply Carry-All Pouch

Small (6" X 5") ($15.99)
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Small (6" X 5") ($15.99)
Medium (9.5" X 6") ($19.99)
Large (12.5" X 8.5") ($25.99)
Set Of 3 ($42.99)

Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches - perfect for toiletries, art supplies, makeup and smaller electronics. Pouches are available in three sizes, with the large able to fit an iPad.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Also available in set of 3, which includes all sizes
  • Durable, canvas-like exterior
  • Soft 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining
  • Faux leather pull tab
  • Machine washable
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About this artwork

All proceeds to this artwork will go to my neighbor and friend suffering from poor health in hopes to help fund her treatment and save her life. This is her story...

My name is Olesya Kuznetsov and I am 22 years old and basically the past couple of years have been surviving and not living because of my poor health. I was born in Russia. I was born without the digestive enzymes that help with properly digesting food. I began receiving treatment from doctors there but had to stop because we had to come to America as refugees fleeing Christian persecution. In the states my health issues were not addressed and not treated and I was just put on laxatives by ignorant doctors, and developed a laxative dependency from a very early age.

As I got older my health got worse. I never had any good insurance and received Medicaid but got very little help. My father left to another woman when I was in middle school, leaving my mom and I to pretty much fend for ourselves. When he left, taking all our money, leaving my mom with high loans and credit cards to pay off and a negative in the bank account, the stress was too much. I started to get horrible heartburn and food would regurgitate back into my mouth. I had trouble sleeping because of this and at that point I had no sort of insurance. I was still pretty healthy, always thin, but not extremely. I ran track and did marathons. Now going up a flight of stairs is very difficult. In high school, at age 14, I caught the stomach flu. Like everyone else it made me sick. But even though the bug went away, the throwing up didn't. It seemed like each time I ate or drank I had to throw up. It would get a little better but then get a little worse. I started to lose weight, and because of no insurance went to a clinic where they could see my on a sliding fee scale because of low income. There the doctor just looking at me, not even asking what was going on with my stomach and the fact that I suffered with stomach problems my whole life, told my mom I was anorexic. I didn't even know what anorexia really was, because I was not, but being a high schooler I was ignored. Who listens to an anorexic patient? She’s in denial, I was told.

It felt horrible, being blamed for something you did not have and did not do. Even though my throwing up was less, I could not eat normal meals without being overly full or have to throw up. The doctor at the clinic said I need to go to Omaha to see a GI doctor. We did not have insurance and had no idea how we would pay but went anyway. There, almost about to leave, the nurse caught me and said to come back because they needed to run tests and see why I was getting sick and losing weight. I did, but after the GI doctor spoke with the doctor at the clinic, he put me in the hospital and ran no tests. Zero, I was lied to. I was force fed and given medicine for the nausea. One time they made me drink 8-32 ounce bottles of Gatorade in one day. I almost died from the overload. Then child protective services came in and in order to get me on Medicaid and get me to stay there and forcefully be sent to an eating disorder clinic, blamed my mom with child neglect and abuse. This angel of a woman was being blamed for such horrible things. While the doctors and psychiatrists filled their pockets with money (I found out later everything would have cost over $500,000) my mom was dragged to 10 court dates.

After I finished the program and everything was done, the judge and CPS said no fault, never mind, you were not neglecting your child. We went again to the GI doctor and he finally ran tests like colonoscopy and endoscopy and said that I didnt and never had anorexia or bulimia, but severe GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) hence the vomiting.

I was still better then. I worked and went to school. But I was still thin. I couldn't eat as much as I used to and my meals had to be smaller in order to not throw up. Then, about 1 1/2 years ago I got a horrible infection in my finger. I didn't have any insurance and still don't, so went to the ER for antibiotics and strong narcotic pain meds because the pain was unbearable. But after taking them and even stopping, I starting vomiting. Each day everything I ate or drank made me sick. If I eat even the smallest piece of toast it feels as if I went to the buffet. Food just sits in my stomach after I eat and causes me horrible pain, sometimes so much that I feel like I might pass out. I am limited to eating only a banana and some crackers, and eating them very slowly to avoid throwing up. I have nausea 24/7, even waking up in the middle of the night as if from a nightmare with extreme nausea.

No over the counter meds help, also because I can’t even keep a pill down, and even if I manage to, after 3-4 hours it will come back up, whole, not digested at all. I can only drink in small sips and am limited to water and diluted apple juice because everything else makes me sick. I do not know what is wrong. I am extremely malnourished, 72 pounds, and dehydrated. If I don't get help soon and see a specialist I will die. I have no oxygen and even talking is a huge task. I need to get nutrition through and IV called TPN, and I could live a normal lifestyle with it and gain weight, but I have no insurance and no money. We have so much debt and debt we owe people, and right now have a eviction notice from our landlord and disconnect notice from internet and electric. And in my horrible condition its too much to think about. My mom is so worried about me and everything, her health is going down down.

I’ve applied to Medicaid, general assistance, been to agencies and free clinics, cried in front of social workers and since I am not blind or disabled, all doors are closed and I’ve hit a brick wall. Only by prayers I am alive but each day is getting harder to live.

Thank you for reading. Please help!

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