"Hawaiian Monk Seal" by Amber Marine ~ Acrylic Painting, (C) 2015 Metal Travel Mug

Metal Travel Mug

"Hawaiian Monk Seal" by Amber Marine ~ Acrylic Painting, (C) 2015

by Amber Marine

Talk about steely good looks. In addition to a 360-degree wraparound design, our metal travel mugs are crafted with lightweight stainless steel - so they're pretty much indestructible. Plus, they're double-walled to keep drinks hot (or cold), fit in almost any size cup holder and are easy to clean.


November 2015's endangered species feature!
The critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal - Ilio Holo I Ka UaUa! ("dog that runs in rough water.") Our seal is accompanied by Hawaii's state fish humuhumunukunukuapua'a, (reef triggerfish) and two small yellow lauwiliwilinukunukuʻoiʻoi! (reef butterfly fish)

There are people working hard to save the Hawaiian monk seal. This is a wonderful thing because these seals are listed as a conservation reliant endangered species by the Endangered Species Act, meaning that the 1,100 individuals that remain in the wild today are entirely reliant on human intervention if they are to survive.
To learn more about Hawaii's state mammal - check out the site for the Marine Mammal Center's monk seal hospital here:

Small acrylic painting on canvas by Amber Marine 2015

Hand painted...

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