He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha by sharonmau
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Beach Towel
He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha by sharonmau
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He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel

He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel
He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel
He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel
He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel
He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beach Towel
Beach Towel
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He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha by

Get some sun on our oversized, Artist-designed Beach Towels. And if you’re loving the print, it’s also available as a Hand or Bath Towel.

  • One size: 74” x 37”
  • Design printed on polyester-microfiber front
  • White cotton terry back for quick drying
  • Machine washable, tumble dry
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About this artwork

The Universe is an expression of Love . . I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known, so I created both worlds, the visible and the invisible, in order that my hidden treasure of generosity and loving kindness would be known.

The sun Won a beauty contest and became a jewel Set upon God's right hand.

The earth agreed to be a toe ring on the Beloved's foot And has never regretted its decision.

The mountains got tired Of sitting amongst a sleeping audience

And are now stretching their arms Toward the Roof.

The clouds gave my soul an idea So I pawned my gills And rose like a winged diamond

Ever trying to be near More love, more love Like you.

The Mountain got tired of sitting Amongst a snoring crowd inside of me And rose like a rip sun Into my eye.

My soul gave my heart a brilliant idea So Hafiz is rising like a Winged diamond.

  Hafiz - The Gift- translation by Daniel Ladinsky

The Universe is an expression of Love. We live in an ocean of Love . Every being and thing in creation is set in motion by Love

Everything is seeking union with the object of it's desire And all of these desires are the derivatives of one Love

Love is the motivation behind every yearning The fundamental Love is the pure experience Being

See how the hand is invisible while the pen is writing; the horse careening, yet the rider is unseen; the arrow flying, but the bow out of sight; individual souls existing, while the Soul of souls is hidden - Rumi

The Spectrum of Love: Eros, Philos, Agape

Strive to discover the mystery before life is taken from you. If while living you fail to find yourself, to know yourself, how will you be able to understand the secret of your existence when you die? - Farid ud Din Attar

Intoxicated by the Wine of Love.

From each a mystic silence Love demands. What do all seek so earnestly? 'Tis Love. What do they whisper to each other? Love. Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts. In Love no longer 'thou' and 'I' exist, For Self has passed away in the Beloved. Now will I draw aside the veil from Love, And in the temple of mine inmost soul, Behold the Friend; Incomparable Love. He who would know the secret of both worlds, Will find the secret of them both, is Love - Farid ud Din Attar - translation Margaret Smith -The Jawhar Al-Dhat

He Pua Laha'ole a flower not common

Ulu Wehi beautifully adorned

He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha Beautiful Pink Tropical Plumeria Maui Hawaii Copyright © Sharon Mau

He Pua Lahaole Ulu Wehi Aloha
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