Heads Comforters



by Canson City

Our comforters are cozy, lightweight pieces of sleep heaven. Designs are printed onto 100% microfiber polyester fabric for brilliant images and a soft, premium touch. Lined with fluffy polyfill and available in king, queen and full sizes. Machine washable with cold water gentle cycle and mild detergent.


Public service announcement: In the image we see the Society of Historic Appreciation of Canson City (SHACC) reunited in the annual convention held in the state manor of Eusebio Chacaltana. Draws our attention one individual in the photo staring right into the camera like he knows something that we don't. This person is not a member of the SHACC neither a resident of the city. Any information leading to his whereabouts will be rewarded with a grapefruit milkshake and three photos of a dry lake. Thank you very much.

Handmade collage. 2013.

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