Hilly Hues by briannasartwork

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Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues by briannasartwork
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Hilly Hues Pillow Sham

Hilly Hues Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues Pillow Sham
Hilly Hues Pillow Sham

Hilly Hues Pillow Sham

Standard Set Of 2 ($39.99)
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Standard Set Of 2 ($39.99)
King Set Of 2 ($44.99)

It's time to upgrade your bedding. Our Pillow Shams merge creativity with premium fabrics, bringing unique style to your bedroom. Each of our pillow covers feature designs printed on soft, fuzzy 100% polyester for colorfully vibrant images.

  • Available in Standard or King sizes
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Crafted with premium, 100% polyester fabric
  • Reverse white side with 50/50 poly-cotton blend
  • Envelope closure for snug fit
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
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Everyone’s at ease at the cottage, even the birds being stalked by the cat down below. The family’s golden retriever trots across the grass proudly carrying along his favourite young companion. He has been watching over him after all since he was a wee baby, you know? The horse shoe pit is free of clingy clangy, but leaves evidence behind of just who REALLY won the game. The cottages reflect colours moving and cascading along with the light dancing and bouncing off the water in the wind. The paddle boat glug glug glugs up and down, up and down, while an abandoned beach ball twirls around and around. Mom’s in the kitchen setting the table while dad’s preparing the steaks to BBQ for extra fuel to keep the chills at bay, while he and his son camp in the tent through the night. The camp fire is all ready to go and the fox peers from the shadow of the trees to see down below. The colourful trees showcase the vibrant intense beauty of nature and the escape it can provide. While the duck and swan floating on the same course symbolize the calm in the wilderness where it resides.

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