iLLuminati Wall Clock
iLLuminati Wall Clock
iLLuminati Wall Clock

iLLuminati Wall Clock

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Natural $41.65
White $41.65
Black $41.65
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It’s time to check your clocks and rethink the traditional timepiece as functional wall decor. Constructed with premium, shatter-resistant materials. Wall clocks available in natural, black or white frame color with either a black or white hand.

iLLuminati Wall Clock
  • Frame available in natural wood, black or white

  • High-impact plexiglass crystal face

  • Requires 1 AA battery (not included)

  • 10" (W) and 1.75" (D)

  • Hook on the back for easy hanging

  • Every product is made just for you

  • For more info click here

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Joined on Jan 1, 1970

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