Irish Elk Skeleton T-shirt


Irish Elk Skeleton

by Public Demesne

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Megaloceros (or Megaceros Hibernicus, as it was named in Ridpath's "History of the World") is an extinct genus of deer more commonly known as the "Giant Elk" or "Irish Elk."

From p. 297 of Ridpath:
"More noted still as a contemporary of the cave dwellers was the great stag called the Irish elk. This was, perhaps, the most magnificent animal of all that we are here considering. He grew to a stature of more than ten feet, and an existing pair of his antlers measures
eleven feet from point to point ! These tremendous horns were palmated like those of the American moose, and the huge creature dashing about the Irish peat bogs or through the oak woods of Britain must have been terrible, even sublime, in aspect. His remains are frequently found in the peat measures of Ireland and on the Continent, but still more abundantly in the lacustrine shell marl underlying the bog earth of the marsh lands."

This illustration of an Irish Elk skeleton was found on page 299.

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