Little Fluff by ghostkitten

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Little Fluff by ghostkitten
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Little Fluff Metal Print

Little Fluff Metal Print
Little Fluff Metal Print
Little Fluff Metal Print
Little Fluff Metal Print

Little Fluff Metal Print

Large 24" X 24" ($160.99)
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Mini 8" X 8" ($59.99)
Small 13" X 13" ($89.99)
Medium 18" X 18" ($111.99)
Large 24" X 24" ($160.99)

Enjoy super sharp image details and rich, vibrant colors. No, we’re not talking about the newest HDTVs, but our lightweight, durable Metal Prints. Pick a design and give your space some modern edge with brilliant metal art. Available in three sizes.

  • Printed on 1/16” thick aluminum sheet canvas
  • High-gloss finish enhances image and colors
  • 3/4“ wooden frame on back to offset from wall
  • Wire or sawtooth hanger depending on size
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Meet Little Fluff. She is patiently waiting for you to stop your super-important, get-it-done task and give her lots of pets. She assures you that her fur is a cloud of softness that will melt all your thoughts away. Little Fluff is all about the savoring the experience of being alive in your body. Time to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the lush tactile world. Stretch like a cat until you quiver. Feel the air on your skin and the earth under your paws. Cuddle in with Little Fluff and feel her purrs waking up your heart.

"He seems the incarnation of everything soft and silky and velvety, without a sharp edge in his composition, a dreamer whose philosophy is sleep and let sleep." ~ Saki

From my #MonthofCats Project where I painted a cat a day for a month. I was visited by a whole world of magical, healing cats.

nicole piar, cat, cute cat, cute, kitty, kitten, watercolor, anime, painting, fairytale, kawaii, pop-surrealism, fantasy, illustration, dream, whimsical, magical, mysterious, mystical, healing, children's art, children's illustration, low brow, wonderland, miyazaki, ghibli, sweet, siamese, burmese, cuddly

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