Art Print

Marvel Heroes Fantasy AU

by TwoHorizons

Collect your choice of gallery quality Giclée, or fine art prints custom trimmed by hand in a variety of sizes with a white border for framing.


A fantasy battle based loosely on Marvel heroes. It all started with the question: what if the Hulk was a dragon?

The wizards have opened a portal to unleash the dragons in an effort to vanquish the undead army, but accidentally also let a bunch of monsters loose! The elemental beings get involved to try to keep their world from being ripped apart.

Thor, a storm god, fights the sorcerer Loki in the upper left-hand corner. On the left edge, knight Coulson and elven archers Clint Barton and Kate Bishop prepare to join the fight. Namor, a merman, sits in the bottom left corner. In front of him are Natasha and Jessica as rusalkas, russian water demons: beautiful, seductive, manipulative. Fairies Ant Man, Wasp and Carol Danvers are behind the rusalka. T'Challa, a storm panther, is lurking on the cliff behind the fairies. Above him are Cloak and Dagger, manifestations of lightning and shadow. Storm, a manifestation of stormy weather, is at the top, with shooting star Karolina Dean. Below Karolina are the dragons: The big one is Hulk, She-Hulk is to the left, and Hulkling is behind him. Wiccan is casting a spell to subdue the smallest dragon. The monsters coming through the portal with the dragons are all X-Men: Iceman is to the left of Hulk's leg; Kitty Pryde with Lockheed, Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost, and Morrow are under Hulk's legs; Cyclops and Beast are under Hulk's feet; Juggernaut is in the water. To the right of the X-Men, High wizard Tony Stark stands with his apprentice, Peter Parker. Peter's pet cats Felicia and Mary Jane are at his feet. In the bottom right corner the the undead frozen soldier Captain America stands beside Reaper Nick Fury. Above Fury's scythe are Cap's undead army: Deadpool, Bucky, Cable and Punisher. The group of elementals on the right include Luke Cage (earth/sand) and his wife Jessica (dust/air), the Fantastic Four (Sue is air, Reed is water, Johnny is fire and Ben is rock), and the Phoenix (with Jean's silhouette). By the Hulk's wings, Demons Wolverine and Daredevil throw themselves into the battle. The top right corner is occupied by warlocks Magneto and Quicksilver and their minions, Sabretooth and Mystique, and the Scarlet Witch. At the top, Dr. Strange and Professor Xavier are some sort of gods watching over this mess, along with the Falcon.

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