Consulting Detective Darkholme (Sherlock - Victorian - Steampunk - Mystique) T-shirt


Consulting Detective Darkholme (Sherlock - Victorian - Steampunk - Mystique)

by Delucienne Maekerr

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“…A few years later, Irene hired Raven Darkholme, a consulting detective, to help her make sense of her diaries. The two found that they shared a desire to use their powers to change the world. Not long afterward, they became lovers. Although the pair deeply cared for one another, they parted periodically, took up other lovers and even raised separate families…”

There is this story about Raven Darkholme aka Mystique and Irene Adler who is known as Destiny in Marvel Comics. I found it very interesting and different. So I choose Mystique with this story for my 4th Marvel Villains Design Contest entry but it refused by Marvel. I know, she is not looking like a usual “villain” here but well, she was on the list man. And no one said she should look “evil.”

I add some Sherlock features to Mystique for fun while she was solving the problems in the light of Destiny’s visions.

Mystique and Destiny belongs to Marvel,
Papers textures belong to freaky665 and dierat from deviantart,
Art is Mine.

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