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Monkey Cups by fesign
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Monkey Cups Metal Print

Monkey Cups Metal Print
Monkey Cups Metal Print

Monkey Cups Metal Print

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Mini 8" X 8" ($59.99)
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Enjoy super sharp image details and rich, vibrant colors. No, we’re not talking about the newest HDTVs, but our lightweight, durable Metal Prints. Pick a design and give your space some modern edge with brilliant metal art. Available in three sizes.

  • Printed on 1/16” thick aluminum sheet canvas
  • High-gloss finish enhances image and colors
  • 3/4“ wooden frame on back to offset from wall
  • Wire or sawtooth hanger depending on size
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About this artwork

The genus Nepenthes (Monkey Cup or Tropical Pitcher plant) is one of the most fascinating of all carnivorous plants. The climbing vines of Nepenthes produce a modified form of leaf called a "pitcher" hence the common name "Tropical Pitcher plant". The size of the pitcher varies and some species are large enough to hold up to two litres of water! The name “Monkey Cup” arises from the fact that monkeys have been seen to drink water from them in the rainforests.

The pitchers are not simply water reservoirs for the plant, hey are actually highly complex passive insect traps, which secrete and absorb a mild to very acidic digestive fluid that contains many as yet undetermined compounds. Insects are attracted to the traps because of nectar secretions and coloration. The slippery rim and inner walls of the pitcher encourage insects to fall into the digestive fluid at the bottom of the trap. Nutrients are absorbed from this "soup."

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