Mortimer the Betta Fish Leggings


Mortimer the Betta Fish

by Cindy Lou Bailey

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A male Betta splendens. (Siamese Fighting Fish.)
{watercolor on Hot Press Arches paper}

This is Mortimer (my pet Betta fish!) He is male Veil tail variation; he has extended finnage length and a non-symmetrical, drooping tail, with caudal fin rays that only split once.

This beautiful tropical fish displays shades of cobalt, turquoise, violet, cerulean and touches of deep red. In a blue Veil tail, the top layer of skin cells is more concentrated with iridocytes, or iridescent pigment cells, so these cells appear as a vivid, shimmering blue.

Bettas are anabantids (Derived from the Greek Verb anabaino, meaning "to go up"), which physiologically means they have two methods of breathing. Bettas can breathe from their labyrinth organ, which enables the fish to breathe from the surface, or they can also breathe through their gills.

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