Mothers Of Men Metal Travel Mug

Metal Travel Mug

Mothers Of Men

by Nathan Spoor

Talk about steely good looks. In addition to a 360-degree wraparound design, our metal travel mugs are crafted with lightweight stainless steel - so they're pretty much indestructible. Plus, they're double-walled to keep drinks hot (or cold), fit in almost any size cup holder and are easy to clean.


Mothers Of Men was the fourth painting of the Afterman: Ascension works that I created with Claudio Sanchez for the epic double album by Coheed and Cambria. We talked daily between studio sessions about the ideas and sketches, then eventually settled on a final idea and then I started the painting, never having heard the songs.

For this idea, Claudio was envisioning a dark but lush forest scene that featured a being in the embryo state holding a life spark. I did one sketch and he loved it just as it was, and the painting is pretty much a full color version of that conversation.

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