No One Cried All Over Print Shirt

All Over Print Shirt

No One Cried

by Jeffrey J. Irwin

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These premium quality all over print shirts feature original art from seam to seam. The cotton-soft 100% polyester wicks moisture and maintains a rich color throughout. All over print tees are unisex fit, so women should make size selections accordingly and order a minimum of one size smaller. Please Note: Every shirt is uniquely produced using a sublimation process that can create anomalies in some areas, typically under the arm, that leaves small portions of fabric white.


This is from a photo I took of the sign for Cemetery Road just north of Mayville Oregon. Mayville is an unincorporated community just barely inside the south end of Gilliam County and north of Wheeler County and Fossil Oregon. Blink and you will miss it.

I could have taken a picture of the infamous gravestone in Mayville's cemetery and have before but this seemed more lonesome and ominous. Inside the Mayville cemetery, just inside the main entrance and slightly to one side, is a grave stone with the epitaph "Poorly born, poorly lived, poorly died. No one cried."

This gravestone belongs to one Henry Beck who died in the 1800s. The internet has a couple of claims but no one seems to know why it has that inscribed on it and the websites that contain information about it only make assumptions.

While I cannot state that it is fact, I come from pioneer family with deep roots in Wheeler County that swore up and down that he was considered to be the town bully and died in a knife fight.

If you ever get the chance to, drive out and see it. The memories are worth it. Wear boots as the prickly grasses there are very much a real thing.

As for this picture, only the left third to half is real. I faked the right half of it to draw out the focal point more to one side and while the sky is close to accurate I provided a paint brush blending effect so that I could accomplish the feel I was looking for.

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