No.26 - A to Z Typography Zine Editions


No.26 - A to Z Typography Zine

by Society6


“NO.26” is available as a limited edition of 250. This collectible type book features the work of 34 artist assigned one letter/character from the English alphabet. Each zine comes with a limited edition Society6 pennant. Published by Society6 in 2016. 38 pages, 7in x 9in.

Featuring the original works of Society6 Artists: Jessica Roux, Kaethe Butcher, Landon Sheely, David Penela, Yonil, Mila Spasova, MAYSGRAFX, Sander B, Nick Nelson, Vladimir Stankovic, Dip Dripper, Mark Conlan, El_Juantastico, CaliDoso, JeezVanilla, Josh Ln, Esthera Preda, Falcao Lucas, Jillian Adel, Anthony Troester, John Ryan Solis, Jay Haldon, Wesley Bird, Lorena G, Laura Avila, Arron Croasdell, Dc Young, Stacy James Eyles, Chris Piascik, Mister Phil, LordofMasks, Gone Undone, Dead Toy, YippieHey

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