Nuit - The Starry Goddess by sirenarts

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Unisex V-Neck
Nuit - The Starry Goddess by sirenarts
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Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck

Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck
Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck
Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck
Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck

Nuit - The Starry Goddess Unisex V-Neck

Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt
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Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt
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Our Tri-Blend V-Necks feature the vintage texture you love, while sacrificing zero print quality. Plus, they’ve got the same super-soft comfort and fit as our regular V-Neck t-shirts.

  • Unisex sizing (women should choose one size smaller)
  • Constructed with 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon blend
  • Tri-blend material provides a dappled, “lived-in” look
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About this artwork

Nuit, the Egyptian Star Goddess by artist Stevyn Llewellyn. This is an image of my original oil painting on wood panel, depicting the goddess with Osiris and Isis in her celestial womb.

Nuit, or Nut is the heavenly goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, depicted in ancient paintings in tombs, her body is shown as the night sky, and her hands and feet reach down to touch the earth. Nuit is one of the oldest gods in the Egyptian religious pantheon. Nuit’s symbol is the ladder, whom the god Osiris uses to enter her realm. This symbol was also used to protect the dead. During the night, The heavenly bodies of the sun and moon would be swallowed by Nut, then reborn at dawn. Her body is depicted black and full of stars.

nuit, nut, Egypt, ancient Egypt, Mythology, goddess, cosmic, universe, lady of the stars, figurative, space, starry, night, woman, lady, girl, universe, mythology, mythological creatures, blue, pagan, thelema, star goddess, shrine, temple

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