Original Bending Masters Series: Ran and Shaw Stationery Cards

Stationery Cards

Original Bending Masters Series: Ran and Shaw

by Miss-meza

Set of folded stationery cards printed on bright white, smooth card stock to bring your personal artistic style to everyday correspondence. Each card is blank on the inside and includes a soft white, European fold envelope for mailing.


"The dragon is the original practitioner of firebending, capable of breathing fire. It passed on this ability to the Sun Warriors' civilization, a precursor to the modern day Fire Nation. Nearing the end of the Hundred Year War, the dragon was thought to be extinct, due to General Iroh's claim that he had killed the final one, following Fire Lord Sozin's tradition of hunting them. However, Aang and Zuko discovered that two, Ran and Shaw were still alive, deducing that Iroh lied to protect the species."

Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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