Petite Astronauts  iPhone & iPod Skin

iPhone & iPod Skin

Petite Astronauts

by Alexandra Davidoff

Skins are thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decals for customizing your device. Skins are made from a patented material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.


Ballpoint pen on paper.

Little Johnny and little Sally dreamed most often during the day. They dreamed of distant planets and exploding stars. They dreamed of drifting into the unknown. They dreamed of licking the milky way and of naming constellations after fart jokes. They dreamed they were aliens, then astronauts, then alien astronauts, then astronauts chasing aliens. They dreamed most often during the day. And could never sleep at night. Their mother was concerned. She thought they were unmotivated and a little bit delusional. She thought it was about time they grew up and out of this detrimental habit. She feared for their future. But little did she know that little Johnny and little Sally weren't really dreaming. She was. Drugged and captured by extraterrestrial beings, she's about to be cut open from toe to abdomen. Little Johnny and little Sally are coming to her rescue...

Illustration copyright ©2014 Alexandra Davidoff. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, editing, displaying/redistribution of this illustration without permission is strictly prohibited.

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