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pleb noun & adjective. [plɛb] M17.
[Orig. in pl. from Latin plebs (earlier plebes). Later in sense 1 abbreviation of PLEBEIAN. Cf. PLEBE.]
A. noun.
a. A member of the common people or working classes; = PLEBEIAN noun 2. colloq. (usu. derog.). M17.
D. Lessing The poor bloody plebs have to put up with modern medicine.
b. = PLEBE 2. US colloq. L19.
Roman History. In pl. The common people, orig. comprising all citizens who were not patricians, senators, or knights. M19.
b. attrib. or as adjective. = PLEBEIAN adjective 3. L20.
¶ In isolated use before M20.
plebbish adjective (colloq., usu. derog.) = plebby E20.
plebbishness noun (colloq., usu. derog.) M19.
plebby adjective (colloq., usu. derog.) = PLEBEIAN adjective 3 M20.
plebifi'cation noun (rare, colloq., usu. derog.) the action of making something plebeian E19.
plebify verb trans. (rare, colloq., usu. derog.) make plebeian; vulgarize: L19.

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