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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) by xiluembo
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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) by xiluembo
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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) Rug

R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) Rug
Double-tap to zoom
R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) Rug
Double-tap to zoom
R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) Rug
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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) Rug
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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3) by

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Artwork programmatically written in R, demonstrating the quicksort algorithm over a full saturation pattern. This is pretty the same of the previous two experiments, but instead of using "middle" pivot, the pivot is now random.


dimensions <- data.frame(w=c(1300,3300,6000,6500,4600,4600), h=c(2000,5100,9000,6500,2000,3000))

RNGkind(kind = "Knuth-TAOCP-2002") set.seed(8486)

#non-recursive quicksort qsort.nrec.steps <- function(v) { left <- 1 right <- length(v)

rightStack &lt;- right
leftStack &lt;- left

history &lt;- v

repeat {
    if ( right &gt; left ) {    
        i &lt;- left
        j &lt;- right
        pivot &lt;- sample(left:right, size=1)
        repeat {
            while (pivot &gt; v[i]) {
                i &lt;- i + 1
            while (pivot &lt; v[j]) {
                j &lt;- j - 1
            if ( i &lt;= j ) {
                v[c(i,j)] &lt;- v[c(j,i)]
                i &lt;- i + 1
                j &lt;- j - 1
                history &lt;- rbind(history, v)
            if(i &gt; j) {
        rightStack &lt;- c(j, rightStack)
        leftStack &lt;- c(left, leftStack)
        left &lt;- i
    } else {
        right &lt;- rightStack[1]
        rightStack &lt;- rightStack[-1]
        left &lt;- leftStack[1]
        leftStack &lt;- leftStack[-1]
    if ( length(rightStack) == 0 ) {



for ( i in 1:nrow(dimensions) ) { d <- dimensions[i,] width <- min(d$w, d$h) height <- max(d$w, d$h)

unit.w &lt;- width %/% ( min(width,height) %/% 2 )
units &lt;- width %/% unit.w

img.r &lt;-, width * height)
img.g &lt;-, width * height)
img.b &lt;-, width * height)

dim(img.r) &lt;- c(height, width)
dim(img.g) &lt;- c(height, width)
dim(img.b) &lt;- c(height, width)

colors = sample(x=1:units, size=units, replace=FALSE)

sorting.hist &lt;- qsort.nrec.steps(colors)

if (nrow(sorting.hist) &lt; height) {
    qty.fill &lt;- height - nrow(sorting.hist)
    fill &lt;- rep(sorting.hist[nrow(sorting.hist),], times=qty.fill)
    fill &lt;- matrix(fill, ncol=units, byrow=TRUE)
    sorting.hist &lt;- rbind(sorting.hist, fill)

colorset &lt;- rainbow(units)

for(rw in 1:height) {
    for(cl in 1:units) {
        img.r[rw,(unit.w*(cl-1)+1):(unit.w*(cl))] = col2rgb(colorset[sorting.hist[rw,cl]])[1,]
        img.g[rw,(unit.w*(cl-1)+1):(unit.w*(cl))] = col2rgb(colorset[sorting.hist[rw,cl]])[2,]
        img.b[rw,(unit.w*(cl-1)+1):(unit.w*(cl))] = col2rgb(colorset[sorting.hist[rw,cl]])[3,]


if ( d$w &lt;= d$h ) {
    img.res &lt;- c(img.r, img.g, img.b) / 255
} else {
    img.res &lt;- c(t(img.r), t(img.g), t(img.b)) / 255
dim(img.res) &lt;- c(d$h,d$w,3)

writeJPEG(img.res, target=paste0("Rx5_", width, "x", height, ".jpg"), quality=1)


R, HSV, computer, generated, random, pattern, abstract, rainbow

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R Experiment 5 (quicksort v3)
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