Red Riding, I Am Not Your Wolf Carry-All Pouch

Carry-All Pouch

Red Riding, I Am Not Your Wolf

by Travis Clarke

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Organize your life with our Carry-All Pouches. Available in three sizes with wraparound artwork, these pouches are perfect for toiletries, art supplies or makeup. Even an iPad fits into the large size. Features include a faux leather pulltab for easy open and close, a durable canvas-like exterior and a 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining. Machine washable.


A painting about fear, perception, and good intentions.

You perceive me as a wolf but I am not, Red Riding. Are you really even sure he exists? Have you mistaken the big bad in yourself for someone else entirely? Is it that you are your own worst enemy or possibly that you've seen him before,— somewhere in a haunting memory? Does it begin or end with flowers, Little Red? Maybe you have seen the Big Bad Wolf dress like me and howl like me, but I am not your wolf.

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This is an illustration of a personal story between myself and another individual portrayed by two fairy tale adversaries. At one point it was uncertain as to who the big bad wolf of this story was, or whether there was a wolf at all. Over time this painting has taken on several meanings but finally ended on one for me. It is a projection of two different points of view. The first view being that of Red Riding's perspective. Where she is confronted by a wolf who she perceives is there to do her harm. However the wolf is really just a man trying to make a friend, he is smiling and handing her flowers to make peace (not drumsticks of death). The other vantage point is that of the man, or red riding's perceived wolf. To everyone red riding appears friendly. Yet for the man she has really been the big bad wolf all along, as signified by the snarling wolf coming from the smoke of her cigarette. So the reality is, she is both red riding and the big bad wolf and he is both the man with flowers and the big bad wolf. Perception conquers reality but there are two sides to every story.

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