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Sun in Different Languages by runes
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Long Sleeve T-shirt
Sun in Different Languages by runes
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Sun in Different Languages Long Sleeve T-shirt

Sun in Different Languages Long Sleeve T-shirt

Sun in Different Languages Long Sleeve T-shirt
Sun in Different Languages Long Sleeve T-shirt
Long Sleeve T-shirt
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Sun in Different Languages by

Tri-Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts are made with 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton and 25% Rayon. Enjoy everything you love about the fit, feel and durability of a vintage T-shirt.

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Armenian-Արեգակ____Georgian- მზე________Mingrelian- ბჟა Ukrainian-СОНЦЕ ____Bulgarian-СЛЪНЦЕ Russian-СОЛНЦЕ_____Belarusian- СОНЦА Croatian- SUNCE______Polish- Słońce________Czech-Slunce Greek- Ήλιος_________Hebrew- השמש _______Arabic- الشمس Persian- خورشید________Sindhi- سج__________Pashto- لمر Central Kurdish- خۆر____Urdu- سورج Hindi- सूर्य___________Sanskrit- सूर्यः________Punjabi- ਸੂਰਜ Gujarati- સૂર્ય_________Tamil- ஞாயிறு______Kannada- ಸೂರ್ಯ English- SUN________German- SONNE______Netherlands- ZON Swedish- SOLEN______Finnish- AURINKO____Estonian- Päike Spanish- SOL________Italian- SOLE _________French-SOLEIL Chinese-太阳;日______Korean-태양__________Japanese-太陽 Azerbaijani- Günəş ____Uzbek- QUYOSH_______Turkish- Güneş Nahuatl- Tōnatiuh ____Navajo- Jóhonaa’éí______Cherokee- ᏅᏓ Inuktitut- ᓯᕿᓂᖅ_____Thai- ดวงอาทิตย์________Hawaiian- Lā

sun, seagull, horizon, words...

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Sun in Different Languages
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