Salmon Splash ~ Watercolor Clear iPhone Case

Clear iPhone Case

Salmon Splash ~ Watercolor

by Amber Marine

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Watercolor of the chinook or king salmon. The scales and details are made up of many many watercolor dots painted with several teeny brushes. 🐟 🎨

Many populations of wild salmon around the world are endangered due to human interference. Salmon are the lifeblood of coastal Pacific Northwest ecosystem. They are greatly threatened by diseases spread by farmed salmon in ocean pens. It's best not to buy farmed salmon - sickly dyed fish are not good for you and they're not good for Mother Nature. Chinook salmon are also threatened by the damming of their spawning rivers.

You can follow Sea Shepherd and #OperationVirusHunter as they study the spread of piscine reovirus from farmed salmon to the wild. Get involved and sign the petition at

Petitions to remove the dams blocking the chinook salmon that the endangered southern resident killer whales depend on for survival are up in the “Take Action” section at

Watercolor painting, 2016 © Amber Marine

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