Shadow Season Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Shadow Season

by Brenda Erickson

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I have been privileged to work with author Sigman Shapiro as an illustrator for his just published work "Shadow Season" available at

The back cover captures the plot best:
"Coyote is baffled. Where has his great hunting prowess gone? Are the small creatures of the scrublands actually laughing at him? Something is different. If he doesn't discover the cause soon, he will lose his status on top of the food chain. Neither his pride or his belly will allow that to happen.

Rabbit shifts in the moonlight and inhales deeply to settle her nerves. She is headed to the far away mesa where her vision quest is to begin. It is a magic place; a place no rabbit has ever been, but she is truly no ordinary rabbit. She sniffs the air one last time and hops off towards the unknown.

Together, this unlikely pair, predator and prey, old and young, will confront questions of self worth, courage, passion, sacrifice, and their own mortality in their quest to defeat the mysterious Shadow Creature."

This piece is from the cover of the book, a color version of 'The Chase' which appears in Shapiro's fable.

mandala, circular, chase, coyote, rabbit, yin, yang, life balance, prey, predator, sun, moon, stars, run, catch 22, nature, southwest, sedona

© 2014 Brenda Erickson

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