Siren of the Lagoon ~ Dolphin Clear iPhone Case

Clear iPhone Case

Siren of the Lagoon ~ Dolphin

by Amber Marine

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Siren the dolphin plunges into the Lagoon!
Inspired by the scrappy wild dolphins of the Indian River Lagoon in Florida.

There is an alternate Tropical-Blue version of this piece here:

Fun Facts!
The Indian River Lagoon is home to about 800 bottlenose dolphins who spend their entire lives in the shallow inshore waters of the lagoon. This small population may be their own subspecies of bottlenose dolphin - as they have some unique genetic traits. The lagoon is also home to 1/3 of the nations manatee population as well as 4300 other species of plants and animals. (35 of them endangered - more than any other estuary in North America.)

Artwork (hand drawn, and painted with digital medium) by Amber Marine 2015 ©♥
ocean, sea, marine...

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