South Western Color Palette Mosaic Pattern Window Curtains

Window Curtains

South Western Color Palette Mosaic Pattern

by Natural Design

Your drapes don't have to be so drab. Our awesome Window Curtains transform a neglected essential into an awesome statement piece. They're crafted with 100% lightweight polyester, and thick enough to block out some light. Position the curtain rod into the 4" pocket and you're good to go. All curtains are a single-sided print and measure 50" x 84". Available in single or double panel options. Machine wash cold (no bleach!) and tumble dry low.


A symmetrical modern abstract, Millefiori like mosaic pattern, in a south western color palette. Rust, olive green, turquoise, teal and straw yellow.

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south-western-colors mosaic-pattern millefiori-style-pattern rust-green-turquoise
symmetrical-mosaic-tile-design modern-abstract