Spirit of the Great Gobi Desert - Genghis Khan Mug


Spirit of the Great Gobi Desert - Genghis Khan

by Nirvana.K

Available in 11 and 15 ounce sizes, our premium ceramic coffee mugs feature wrap-around art and large handles for easy gripping. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these cool coffee mugs will be your new favorite way to consume hot or cold beverages.


Mongol leader Genghis Khan (1162-1227) rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, he conquered huge chunks of central Asia and China. His descendents expanded the empire even further, advancing to such far-off places as Poland, Vietnam, Syria and Korea. At their peak, the Mongols controlled between 11 and 12 million contiguous square miles, an area about the size of Africa. Many people were slaughtered in the course of Genghis Khan’s invasions, but he also granted religious freedom to his subjects, abolished torture, encouraged trade and created the first international postal system. Genghis Khan died in 1227 during a military campaign against the Chinese kingdom of Xi Xia. His final resting place remains unknown.

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