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Phone Cases

Amy Sia (amysia)

Sunset Storm

by Amy Sia

Protect your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring an extremely slim profile. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for solid protection and direct access to all device features.


abstract, painting, amy sia, bold colours...

John Medbury (LAZY J Studios) commented on January 16, 2012 3:49am
Beautiful work Amy :)
Hugo Barros commented on January 16, 2012 4:38am
Amy Sia commented on January 16, 2012 7:41am
Thank you Hugo and J.Medbury!
Polkip commented on January 25, 2012 8:08am
love the melting feel to it
Sylvia Cook Photography commented on January 25, 2012 10:55pm
what a gorgeous iphone case!
Amy Sia commented on January 26, 2012 12:34pm
Thank you Sylvia and Polkip!
Chelsea Densmore commented on February 19, 2012 2:58pm
gorgeous colors. loving your work!
Amy Sia commented on February 20, 2012 12:54pm
Thank you Chelsea!
Don Hooper commented on February 26, 2012 1:14am
Lovely mixture of colours!
Ornaart commented on February 26, 2012 2:21am
Nice work!
Amy Sia commented on February 26, 2012 2:19pm
thanks ornaart!
Faratiana Andriamanga commented on February 28, 2012 11:39pm
Hi Amy !
I've discover your work from a post in Pattern Observer and I love it !
Amy Sia commented on February 29, 2012 4:08am
Thank you so much Faratiana! I'm really excited about being featured :D
Angelo Cerantola commented on March 7, 2012 3:00am
brilliant design!
Amy Sia commented on March 11, 2012 6:42pm
thank you Angelo!
danyDINIZ commented on April 14, 2012 12:56pm
This one is amazing!
Amy Sia commented on April 15, 2012 11:39am
Thanks Dany :)
I am mof commented on May 15, 2012 2:36pm
Wow. Great color.
Amy Sia commented on May 16, 2012 12:23am
Thanks I am mof!
PurplePiratePlatymonkey commented on May 16, 2012 9:31pm
Wow. You make exactly the kind of art I wish I could make! I love everything about this.
Amy Sia commented on May 20, 2012 3:34am
Thank you so much PurplePiratePlatymonkey !
hannes cmarits (hannes61) commented on May 31, 2012 12:49am
wonderful colors. looks great on the skins. very good
Amy Sia commented on June 11, 2012 2:34am
Thank you hannes!
Patty Sloniger commented on July 10, 2012 5:56am
stunning colors!
Amy Sia commented on July 13, 2012 9:21am
Thank you so much Patty :)
Aneela Rashid commented on August 2, 2012 7:35pm
I love this so much! great colors and movement....is this a seamless pattern?
Amy Sia commented on August 3, 2012 4:13am
Thanks Aneela no this is not :)
EbiEmporium commented on September 4, 2012 9:16am
Lovely!! Your work is really inspiring and oh-so-colorful, like I LOVE!
Amy Sia commented on September 7, 2012 3:50am
Thank you EbiEmporium!!! :D
AA Morgenstern commented on October 5, 2012 1:47am
wow, so beautiful! I love the colors!
Katie Kirkland Photography commented on October 6, 2012 9:05am
Wonderful colors!
Amy Sia commented on October 9, 2012 1:46am
thanks AA and Katie!
World Raven commented on October 18, 2012 1:42am
Rich texture and colours.
Amy Sia commented on November 24, 2012 3:22pm
Thanks world raven!
Lyle Hatch commented on December 2, 2012 6:21pm
awesome piece!
Amy Sia commented on December 3, 2012 7:09am
Thank you Lyle!
Iris Lehnhardt commented on June 21, 2013 6:47am
so beautiful!
Tracie Brown commented on July 4, 2013 4:41am
This is a great piece - love the colors in your work~
Eirin Wie Haveland commented on August 3, 2013 6:37am
Wow, Love it!
Obvious Warrior commented on May 14, 2014 4:01pm
Very nice.
Amy Sia commented on September 24, 2014 9:02am
Thank you Iris, Tracue, Eirin and Obvious Warrior :D
digital2real commented on December 6, 2014 2:45pm
Promoted and followed with pleasure!
haroulita commented on January 18, 2015 1:24pm
Love it
CityOfSleepers commented on May 16, 2015 5:29am
This is stunning work!
Roger Wedegis commented on June 3, 2015 2:19pm
American Artist Bobby B commented on June 14, 2015 3:42am
Awesome, so beautiful..I have promoted you, can you do the same for me..cheers, Bobby Here is my link, http://society6.com?curator=bobbybernhardt
pinky pankake commented on March 28, 2016 6:59pm
WOAH! THIS is really nice. :D
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