Tamed and torn by locustgirl

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Tamed and torn by locustgirl
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Tamed and torn Canvas Print

Tamed and torn Canvas Print
Tamed and torn Canvas Print
Tamed and torn Canvas Print
Tamed and torn Canvas Print
Tamed and torn Canvas Print
Tamed and torn Canvas Print

Tamed and torn Canvas Print

Small 13" X 16" ($96.99)
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Small 13" X 16" ($96.99)
Medium 18" X 22" ($120.99)

Frameless Canvas Prints are one of the most popular ways to display your favorite designs. With edge-to-edge prints and a nice depth, they're great for hanging or setting on any flat surface. Available in three sizes.

  • Bright white, fine poly-cotton blend matte canvas
  • Printed with the latest generation, long lasting Epson archival inks
  • Hand-stretched wrap over 1½” deep wood stretcher bars
  • Individually trimmed
  • Includes hanging hardware
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It has become increasingly difficult as of late to verbalize my thoughts and feelings. I sometimes feel as hieroglyphics are leaving my lips and no one can understand me... people can SEE the words, but they don't HEAR them. How can I expect anyone to understand what is going on inside of my mind, my soul, my heart & my body when I don't have the slightest clue? Any idea I DID have gets shoved away into a foggy blackened abyss and I can no longer differentiate between reality, dream, what is, what never was because of the tiny microscopic spirocites inside of me. Chronic Lyme Disease is a monster. It makes me feel like a monster. I feel/think/speak/love/hurt too deeply. I'm afraid to open my mouth, I'm afraid to speak, think, feel. I'm tired of talking about it, speaking up and out about it, there is so much going on 'behind the scenes' that I could never dare utter a word... The constant injustices I'm witnessing and experiencing first hand have to be stopped. For now, I will remain tamed yet torn inside. The owls always listen, they see, feel, more than any human ever has♥

self portrait late 2014 My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LocustGirlPhotography edited, dodged, burnt, layered, textured, mirrored in corel X6

goddess, owl, makeup, gothic, haunting, erotic, sensual, purple, red, black, hair, seduction, seduce, sexy, nude, element, woman, eyes, symmetry, symmetrical, mirror, trees, nature, layer, green, blue, color, earth, world, girl, remedy, memory, love, loss

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