The devil and its guardian Hoody


The devil and its guardian

by Zhenlian

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Once upon a time, a devil waged war in the Orient, almost all of Asia was devastated by its brutality and its savageries. A certain Mr, Bully from the west came to domesticate it with two powerful magic eggs, and put the devil into Solomen’s bottle , hence has been assigned to play the roll of guardian to the devil, since at that time some of the Asian countries were engaged in civil wars and had no time to pay attention to it.
Now it seems that the devil and its guardian have a dirty deal.The guardian says : ‘I have collected some precious stones from South China Sea, they are of all shapes, some pointed,some rugged ,some smooth and some round etc, now I put them under your care,sooner or later these may be yours, just be patient.To be master of the globe was once your dream,now it is our dream ,my dear!’
What is more terrible about the joined venture of the devil and its guardian is that they plan to incite a war in the Pacific using these precious stones as a kind of fuel to ignite quarrels,frustrations,desires and anger in the area. May God bless us and put this evil union back to conscience,Amen!

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