The Land of What We See When We Can't Fall Asleep Canvas Print

Canvas Print

The Land of What We See When We Can't Fall Asleep

by Will Santino

Fine art print on bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas using latest generation Epson archival inks. Individually trimmed and hand stretched museum wrap over 1-1/2" deep wood stretcher bars. Includes wall hanging hardware.


No Island
Where Whispers Convene
The Middle of Everywhere
The Outer Oops
Noctilucent Flutterbyes
The Angel of Saxophones
Mangled Dialogues
Poisonous Berries
The Minute
Glade of Tomorrow
The Year
Closed Curtain
The Deep Doze
The Eye of a Distant Beast
The Orrery of Little Faith
Fog-shaped Harpsichords
A lone Pawprint
The Perrished Parrot
The Biggest Thorn
Ursus Sapiens
Unused Nicknames
A Railway Built of Calendar Days
The Floating Toy-Train of Death
Over the Foothills
The Obambulating Mountains of Old Age
Mt. Fellian
Mt. Haloe
Mt. Scrabow
The Piper of Pan
The Oracle’s Heart Attack
All The Marbles Ever Lost
Mysterious Oboe
Fresh Mountain Chocolate
The Tree’s Peaches
One Frozen Photographer
No Town
The Pond where things never mattered
Sharp Cones
Perspicacious Aquatic Arthropods
The Shipwreck’s Soliloquy’s Reverbation
The Afterglow of War
Sand’s Serif
Peaceful Holidays
The Shoes of Children
Unknown Seeds
Three Giant Candles
The Piggy Bank
The Homes of Little Wax Gnomes
Solemn Obelisks
The Battlefield’s Cadmium Red
Inside the Ant’s Stomach
Sewn Fools
Wilted Gardens in Forgotten backyards
Galaxies of Firefly Lust (fizz, pop, sizzle)
Obscured Spectacles
Fluted Columns
Lilly-pad Causeway
The Candy-Rock Mines
The Parade of Kind Ghouls
The Factory of Myth
Burnt Wings
Sunlit Plagiopatagia
Prosimian Pirates
Candescent Choirs of Great Talent
The Sultanate of Umbrella
The Great Pollen Puddle
Front Porches
Frog-toed Gonfaloniers
The Gate of Muspelheim
Vermiform Evenings
The Game “Bridge”
Entomophagous Orchids
Bumbling Bees
The End of the Room
Cliffs of Once
The Sediment of Your Extinguished Anger
Point at the Sky
The Sunk Compass Rose
The Vein’s Supporting Cast
Unknown Birthmarks
Whale Fossils
How They Collide
Low-hanging Pink Snapdragons
The Muse’s Coldsore
The After Glow of War
The Shipwrecks Soliloquy’s Reverberation
Incredible Parties in Dilapidated Mansions
Fields of Lint
Bankrupt Grasshoppers
The Tower of Hourglasses
Cuprous Dandelions
The Woods of What?
The Sciurine Enclave
Something Seminal
The Town of Chimneys
The Chimney Sweeper’s Union
The Glass Zeppelinfield
The Kingdom of Eyelids
Sad Lunes
The Luminous Lagoon
Endangered Lamps
The Eyes of Owls
Empty Museums
Terrified Curators
The Country of Fire-Breathing Pea-Fowl
The Pillow’s Opinion of You
Permission to Forget
Colorful Geysers
The Statue’s Slumber
Imprints of Great Dropped Coins
A Picture of a Forgotten Dead Poet
Clipped Wings
Gorgeous Weapons
Knotted Marginalia
The Underground Fair
The Touch of a Cold Rhinarium
The Prairie of Not One Thing
The Sacred Ulupiad
Coral’s Taste’s Connotation
Ranunculaceous Ballerinas Twirling on a Stage of Dirt
The Desert of False Laughter
Little Shadows of Gigantic Animals
What Wind Tastes Like
A Beautiful, Broken Carousel
Artiodactyl Hagiographies
The Penman’s Ship
Countless Candelabra
The Dust Collector’s Collections of Dust
Cacti Semaphore
Plectra for Teeth
Delayed Orogeny
The Deflated Blimps of Idiosyncrasy
Shattered into Little Masterpieces
We Will Never Be That Old
Point at the Sky

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