The Tapdole Nebula Bath Mat

Bath Mat

The Tapdole Nebula

by Space99

The perfect bath mats: fuzzy, foamy and finely enhanced with brilliant art. With a soft, quick-dry microfiber surface, memory foam cushion and skid-proof backing, our shower mats are a cut above your typical rug. Keep them clean with a gentle machine wash (no bleach!) and make sure to hang dry.


This patch of sky in the constellation of Auriga is home to a cluster of young stars and the remainder of the cloud of gas and dust from which they were hatched. The cluster, consisting of the band of stars to the lower-left of center, is referred to as NGC 1893. The ultraviolet light produced by these stars powers the nebula. Atoms of hydrogen and other elements in the nebula are made to emit their own light after being excited by this starlight, a sort of cosmic black-light effect. The nebula itself is known as IC 410...

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