The Towers of London Comforters


The Towers of London

by Josh Dykgraaf

Our comforters are cozy, lightweight pieces of sleep heaven. Designs are printed onto 100% microfiber polyester fabric for brilliant images and a soft, premium touch. Lined with fluffy polyfill and available in king, queen and full sizes. Machine washable with cold water gentle cycle and mild detergent.


For me, London is almost a dystopian city - everywhere you go the locals look weary and run down, once you leave the centre it gets ugly fast with decaying buildings and a lot of brutalist architecture. Getting around on the tube is a dark and can get a bit depressing. Don't mistake me though, much of the city screams cool and has some of the best hangouts I've ever been to. Young people swarm here full of hopes and dreams, some of them among my friends.

And on that note I wanted to portray that element of the city, give an almost fantasy setting.

Composed of several hundred images all shot by myself in the city of London.

architecture pop-surrealism digital collage